Parametric Pavilion at New Delhi by Ayodh Kamath, Kamath Design Studio

Text and Images: Kamath Design Studio


Parametric Pavilion at New Delhi by Kamath Design StudioThis prototype bamboo parametric pavilion was developed at Kamath Design Studio for an institutional client requiring a number of semi-permanent, flexible-use, outdoor structures. The objective is to develop a family of pavilions which can be constructed as and when the programmatic needs of the institution require more structures. Each instance of the pavilion will reflect the variations in the site conditions and usage. This project redefines a role for fast disappearing local skills in the use of non-industrial materials in a digital design context. The use of CNC technology for translating digital models into physical buildings is not well suited to non-industrial settings. However, this should not prevent the advantages of digital design methodologies from being applied in such settings. Hence a design methodology was developed that allowed the complex 3D digital geometries to be built using only linear on-site measurements.

Parametric Pavilion at New Delhi by Kamath Design Studio

Parametric Pavilion at New Delhi by Kamath Design Studio
Design Development


Project Facts
Project Name: Parametric Pavilion
Name of Firm: Kamath Design Studio
Category: Institutional
Project Status: Completed
Location: New Delhi
Material used: Bamboo
Climate: Composite
Principle Architect: Ayodh Kamath

Consultant: Revathi Kamath

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