S8, A residence at Tamilnadu, by Mancini Enterprises

Text and Images: Mancini Enterprises



S8, residence in TamilnaduA weekend gateway home of 1800 Sq.ft. is tucked into a cube of side 8m. The east and west facades of the house are punctured with wall height openings bringing in abundant natural light, making best of the sea breeze and splendid view of the ocean and surrounding coconut plantations. The monolithic form of the house and its front deck, perched on the North-West corner of the site offers a string contrast to the surrounding landscape of organic contours that descends into a rainwater catchment pond further east.

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Project Facts:

Project: S8
Location: Tamil Nadu
Completion date: Feb 2013
Architect’s Name: Niels Schoenfelder, J.T. Arima, Geethapriya V., Swati Chandrashekar, R. Saravanan, Kumar, A.V. Mourougane
Name of the firm: Mancini Enterprises
Location of the firm: Chennai
Photo credits: Mancini Enterprises
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