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Pradeep Sachdeva Tribute~ AGK Menon

Pradeep Sachdeva: A Compelling Legacy. Tribute by AGK Menon

The passing away of Pradeep Sachdeva at the age of 62 was untimely. He was at an age when most architects are still maturing. Nevertheless, he left us with a compelling legacy as an innovative and humanistic architect, urban designer, landscape architect and interior designer. He created several iconic projects that have become benchmarks and are testimony to the contributions he has made to Indian architecture and urbanism.

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B.Arch Thesis: Public Library at Jambhulwadi, Pune by Ganesh Sutar

B.Arch Thesis: Public Library at Jambhulwadi, Pune by Ganesh Sutar, Aayojan School of Architecture and Design, Pune

My initial discussions were about actual outer spaces that people are going to use and experience compare to inner working space. Yes!! Inner space is also most important things but I think designing space overlooking city, lake and mountain range, you will not consider designing interior first and then go for left over outer spaces. Its just that you carved out initial details  like outer spaces and just accommodate interior spaces according to their function.

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K.J. Somaiya IT Cafeteria Pavilion, by Sameep Padora and Associates

K.J. Somaiya IT Cafeteria Pavilion, by Sameep Padora and Associates

K.J. Somaiya IT Cafeteria Pavilion, by Sameep Padora and Associates: The site for the new building is flanked on the west by an existing adjoining 8 storey engineering college building within which the café kitchen is located and on the North by the studio’s earlier project for an Information Technology college building.

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Human Bio-field

Human Bio-field, Immunity and Toxin overload- Raman Vig

A strong and balanced ‘Bio-field’ (also known as ‘Prana-shakti’ or ‘Chetna’ in India, ‘Chi’ in or ‘Qi’ in Oriental expression or commonly as ‘aura’) is the basis of good physical, mental and spiritual health. Our state of ‘Well Being’; both within and with the world around us, are the spontaneous outcomes of ‘experiencing good health holistically’.

2020 50

 – कशी आणि कोणी घडवली असेल ही ‘घागर’? (Story of Water Pot)

भांडी – रोज वापरात येणारी वस्तू. वर्षानुवर्षे आपल्याबरोबरीने आपल्या कुटुंबाचा भाग बनलेली असतात; मग ते बारश्या-मुंजीला आजीने दिलेलं चांदीचं भांडं असो किंवा नवीन घर थाटताना आपण हौसेने आणलेली ताटं-वाट्या असोत. काही भांडी तर कित्येकदा कुटुंबाची ओळख सुद्धा बनून जातात. ताट-वाट्या, पराती, कढया, पातेली, सतेली, लोट्या, कळश्या या सगळ्यांमध्ये भारताची अशी विशेष वस्तू म्हणजे  ‘घागर’. भारतीय घरांमधला हा अविभाज्य घटक म्हणता येईल! कोणत्याही खेड्यात अथवा शहरी घरांमध्ये ही ‘घागर’ दिसेलच दिसेल. कुठे तिला कळशी म्हणतात. हंडा हाही या घागरीचाच चुलत भाऊ. आपली सांस्कृतिक, प्रादेशिक आणि सामाजिक विविधता सामावून घेतलेली ही  ‘घागर’ आपल्या वस्तू जगताचा ल.सा.वि ठरतो.

Masala Republic by RMDK Architects

Masala Republic at Hyderabad, by RMDK Architects

A chic restaurant in the young city of Hyderabad, Masala Republic is designed as a celebration of the quirks, vibrance and liveliness of the youth and their aspirations. Conceptualized by Dhruva Kalra of RMDK as a rich sensory experience with the playfulness of modern aesthetics, this restaurant is the perfect balance of elegance, comfort and contemporariness.

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