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The latest issue (No. 61) of the Journal of Landscape Architecture (JLA), India’s premier journal on landscape and environmental design, carries an essay by Dr. Bimal Patel, the head of HCP Design Planning & Management Private Limited (HCP), the firm was chosen by the Government of India to design the redevelopment that will radically transform the Central Vista Precinct, including the Houses of Parliament. The essay speaks of many things that I find interesting, contains many points of value and agreement, but I will not take on many of them here. A section of the essay speaks on the Central Vista project, and this is what I will focus on. Given this is a current and contested public project of significance that is capturing public attention, the timing of this essay requires that, in addition to his specific mentions of the project, general points made by Dr. Patel must also be interpreted in its light.

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Radha Puram Residence at Mathura by Jaikeshav Mishra Architects

Radha Puram Residence at Mathura by Jaikeshav Mishra Architects

Located in the Radha Puram Estate housing on NH-2, Mathura, the house is a blend of modernism and simplicity. Designed for a well known & respected family in Mathura, the Maniks, the form of the house speaks for itself with its straight lines and bold proportions highlighted with a corner reflective glass window. Simple material & finishes such as Enamel painted MS grills and painted stucco plaster have been employed diligently on the only elevation of the house.


B.Arch Thesis – JELEPOLLI: Low Cost Housing Community Development for Fishermen at Bangladesh, Nafiul Islam Farazi

The government of Bangladesh decides to give the fund to rehabilitation this oldest community of Bangladesh. In the project there accommodation of 100 families with all facilities. Mainly average fishermen are Hindu in religion but here most of the fishermen are Muslim. School, Mosque, Health center, Training center, Community club, Celebration space, Boat making & anchoring space, Bazar, Playground etc. all facility are given here by the doing local survey of this community.

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