Architecture in the times of Pandemic

Architecture in the times of Pandemic

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Administrative Building, at Erode, Tamilnadu, by The Bhargav Group

Unbuilt: Administrative Building, at Erode, Tamilnadu, by The Bhargav Group

The Admin Block is treated in such a way green fields and lush pastures interact with the building add beauty to its environment and a serene entry to the Campus away from the hustle and bustle of main road. The building plinth area covers 6,675 square feet from Site area of 7,782 Square feet. Building area is divided 40% area of mezzanine floor with soil land fill and 60% area of other floor area, with double height space grand lobby enclosed with courtyard space treated with wooden Pergola at the top helps natural light enter into the space. – The Bhargav Group

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The latest issue (No. 61) of the Journal of Landscape Architecture (JLA), India’s premier journal on landscape and environmental design, carries an essay by Dr. Bimal Patel, the head of HCP Design Planning & Management Private Limited (HCP), the firm was chosen by the Government of India to design the redevelopment that will radically transform the Central Vista Precinct, including the Houses of Parliament. The essay speaks of many things that I find interesting, contains many points of value and agreement, but I will not take on many of them here. A section of the essay speaks on the Central Vista project, and this is what I will focus on. Given this is a current and contested public project of significance that is capturing public attention, the timing of this essay requires that, in addition to his specific mentions of the project, general points made by Dr. Patel must also be interpreted in its light.

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Photoshopped Architecture - Asif Khan

What is Heritage? – Prem Chandavarkar

Clearly, we need to fine-tune our perception of what exactly heritage is, and why we should consider it valuable.  We may reject outright this strange notion of a qualifying age that was argued in the Hall of Nations case, but that will not take us out of the woods.  The descent to these levels may have occurred because our conventional perception of heritage is limited and erroneous. 

Chitra Vishwanath on Architectural Internships

Architectural Internship in India – Chitra Vishwanath opines

Chitra Vishwanath opines: The office needs commercial success to retain the practice – it is not an ‘Institute’ to either teach or provide a knowledge sharing platform. Further, architectural education is a long, drawn-out process and is never finished.

Hexaware Campus, Pune by RSP Design Consultants

Hexaware Campus, Pune by RSP Design Consultants

Spread across 23.8 acres in the outskirts of Pune, India, the design of Hexaware campus creates a landmark in a setting with limited architectural references and is representative of a strong brand identity. The five-story structure integrates 75,000 sq. ft. of flexible workspaces, training centers, recreational facilities and other support amenities. The design of this project was guided by the climate, its surrounding landscape, effective use of daylight and multiple functions that this building is set to host.

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The Atrium Project, at Pune, Maharashtra, by OHA STUDIOS

The Atrium Project, at Pune, Maharashtra, by OHA STUDIOS

We were approached by the developers of this mixed-use project to design the interiors of a commercial atrium, residential lobbies and common spaces. The developers were quite keen on exploring something that was different from the traditional atrium designs.

This 2500sqft Atrium – a double-height space in the commercial complex, was the blank canvas that we were to design for. As the entire volume was very rigid and orthogonal with shops at the entry level & offices at the first level, our design concept was to soften this rigidity. Accordingly, we introduced fluid forms into this bounding box. – OHA STUDIOS

APDS salon at New Delhi by RLDA STUDIO Architects

APDS salon, at New Delhi, by RLDA STUDIO Architects

The ten thousand square foot beauty salon is a combination of mezzanine spaces (used for speciality treatments and offices) and double height purpose-built cabins interspersed with a series of glass planes with graphic motifs. These elements, individually varied and collectively orchestrated define spaces that provide for the varying degrees of privacy needed in a beauty salon. – RLDA STUDIO

Corners Of Sanctum, at Jaipur, Rajasthan by Scapesmiths

Corners Of Sanctum, at Jaipur, Rajasthan, by Scapesmiths

After planting roots in Gurgaon, Scapesmiths came to Jaipur and decided to build a studio in the heart of this beautiful heritage city. Aiming for a spatial holistic experience, Scapesmiths studio was conceptualized as modern industrial design.

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ROOSHAD SHROFF Gallery at Mumbai

The idea behind the space design was flexibility, allowing for exhibitions and events as required, particularly when collaborating with different designers and artists. The mix of Rooshad SHROFF furniture, lighting and products is, of course, a reflection of our aesthetic.

Abharna, at Dream city, Amritsar, Punjab, by Line and Space

Abharna, at Dream city, Amritsar, Punjab, by Line and Space

The house contemplates a smart approach in order to maximize its potential in the terms of style and practicality which aid smoother circulation and flow of energy. The combined lounge and dining area make the space look larger and open to nature via sliding doors. The Pooja room is incorporated smartly as an element in the living area. – Line and Space

Pre-school in East Delhi by Aditya Bhardwaj Design Studio

Pre-school in East Delhi by Aditya Bhardwaj Design Studio

Brief of the project was to design an indoor pre-school for around 60 kids with 3-4 classrooms, play-area, activity room, audio-video room, staff room, counselling room/office, waiting area, pantry and toilets for kids and staff. – Aditya Bhardwaj Design Studio

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Frangipani, at Kolkata, by Salient Design Studio

Frangipani, at Kolkata, by Salient Design Studio

Spread across a sprawling area of 42,300 sq. ft., the residence is designed in split villas with striking architecture revealing a scenic fabrication premeditated for its residents.

Interlacing Vastu  with contemporary lines, this design is composed of courtyards and green pockets within a strategic spatial alignment. Dissolving the visual barriers between the dwellings and nature, the volumes are crafted transparent with an extended visual scape towards the external spaces.  Each of the villas has been provided with a central pocket garden and a private pool. – Salient Design Studio

Clarks Inn Suites, Raipur, a project designed and executed by Ms. Ruchi Gehani and Ms. Rashi Bohtra Co- Founders of Azure Interiors

Clarks Inn Suites, Raipur, a project designed and executed by Ms. Ruchi Gehani and Ms. Rashi Bohtra Co- Founders of Azure Interiors

Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani, the Principal Designers of Raipur-based Azure Interiors added a feather to their cap when they were given the responsibility to carry out the interiors of the new Clarks Inn Suites in their hometown.

Spread over an area of 50,000 sq ft, the 52 key suites hotel is located in one of the bustling areas of the city and surrounded by many other hotels. Therefore, with Clarks Inn Suites,

Wayanad House, at Kerala, India, by Khosla Associates

Wayanad House at Kerala, by Khosla Associates

Our client was the owner of one of South India’s largest printing and publishing houses and also a family of 2nd generation politicians. Along with his wife and three children they were a family of 5, but the requirement was to have close extended family visit often. The site was on a serene hillock nestled in a clearing within 150 acres of dense coffee plantations. Our first impression was that of lush vertical trees with pepper vines growing on them and coffee plants beneath. There was an existing ancestral home on the site halfway through renovation, that needed to be re-imagined. – Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand, Khosla Associates.

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The Home Abode, at Surat, Gujarat, by Zio studioInc

The Home Abode, at Surat, Gujarat, by Zio studioInc

The project is a renovation of a residence which is a 15-year-old residence. Renovation works includes outdoor landscape area, living room, kitchen, temple and various bedrooms. Having a constant dialogue between the spaces existing and the spaces to be formed from that was crucial. Every element is transformed or is reused in some or the other way in this project. Thus, maintaining the character of the house was important and the essence of it was no to be missed.
– Zio studioInc

Architecture Practice Strategies During the Pandemic 2020

Architecture Practice Strategies During the Pandemic 2020

The paper titled “Practice Strategies During The Pandemic 2020”, has a focus on the younger and emerging practices alongside a few established senior ones, in the major metros of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad in addition to tier II cities too. The article aims to highlight the globally and nationally unexpected economic boot camps into which Indian architectural practice found itself due to the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19.

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