10 reasons why you should upload projects on ArchitectureLive!

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1. Your project is not just a building.

It is a story in itself. Right from the first line that you drew till the building continues to exist and even beyond that. We firmly believe, every architect has much more to tell about the building than showing the images. And, so ArchitectureLive! will let you tell the story about your project. Every project on ArchitectureLive, whether by an architect or by a student, whether complete or unbuilt, will carry more information than just pictures and the name of the project.

2. Reach more people, grab more eyeballs

There is no limit to how many people can see your projects and how many people can you share your projects with. ArchitectureLive! makes it very easy for people to share projects over Internet, on social networking websites, by emails or simply by sharing links privately or publicly. Fact that projects on ArchitectureLive! are tagged with huge information, search engines simply cannot ignore your projects, unless you want them to. Thus, making your projects highly searchable, view-able  and shareable on Internet. Be ready to be in limelight!

3. Manage your projects efficiently

Find it difficult to document your projects? And then locate them? Leave it on ArchitectureLive!. On ArchitectureLive! it is not only easy to upload the projects, but it also very easy to add, modify or delete the information. This makes it very flexible for you to keep the projects data relevant all the time. Stored under categories and sub categories, all projects are easy to find. Moreover, you can even find your projects based on values like climate, topography, type of building, form, materials etc. or even combination of these terms.

4. Store morePRO
Loads of projects? Want more space? Upgrade to PRO (announcing soon). ArchitectureLive! will provide free space for upto five projects (five images with each project) to each member. You may change, delete or update the uploaded projects any number of times, anytime, as long as you are connected to Internet. We will soon announce the plans under PRO membership, Stay tuned!

5. Keep it PrivatePRO
Not ready for public yet? Don’t want to share it with all? Want to keep it private or share-able only with a group of people? Here you are. At ArchitectureLive! all PRO members would automatically get a facility to make the project/s only privately share-able with a secret link, that can be reset at any given time by the member, ensuring more security.

Private Projects are not searchable over Internet and cannot be viewed on Portal, except by the member who has uploaded it and by members with whom the link has been shared. Just keep your link as private as your password.

6. Community Contributed
Forgot to attach some information? Do not worry, you have an option to let other people who may know something about your project add the information. No, it won’t happen unless you approve it. It is your project, you’re the boss!

We want to make it Wikipedia (No, we don’t ask for donations) of Architectural Projects, wherein, the community can add and manage the projects. Which should make it more informative and thus interesting.

7. Make your projects web friendly
We know you have a story to tell and we are all ears. Every project has much more information than what meets the eye. When you upload a project on ArchitectureLive! we ensure that it is indexed by all major search engines. Just make sure you attach as much as information possible and keep it relevant.

8. Custom BrandingPRO
It is like your own mini website. Your own logo, firm details, your own domain and more space for projects. Stay tuned, it will soon be announced and you may get lucky to avail some early bird benefits.

9. Most of it is free, rest is affordable.
We are committed to provide loads of free stuff to our members. And the rest which cannot come free, at a very reasonable price. We are sure you will find our services A Great Value for Money.

10. It is for architects, by architects.
That’s what makes us unique. ArchitectectureLive! is an initiative by architects, keeping architects’ needs in mind. ArchitectureLive! will continue to provide best services to all architects and interior designers.

Are you on ArchitectureLive? No? Click here to Sign Up.

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