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A Place in the Sky, proposal by Drawing Hands Studio

A prominent complex in Boat Club approached Drawing Hands with a commission to convert their terrace into a place of communion. They require a space to entertain their equally well-placed acquaintances and friends. It must be a place to generate conversation, meet new people, unwind at the end of a hectic day; a place to see and be seen. The terrace is framed by lush green trees on all 4 sides, AC units are scattered all over the place akin to diversions on the road. The terrace is a space that functions as a dumping ground for all unwanted accessories in the building, a space to hide away the ungainly generators, air conditioning units; a space where wires are strewn aplenty, clothes are hung to dry. We are reprogramming such a space, which has only the sky above for cover, into an oasis exclusive to the residents of the complex. A space that exudes happiness and calm, and as one that lights up into a grand party arena.


LOCATION : Chennai
SIZE : 5,125 sft.
CATEGORY : Landscape | Outdoor Spaces
DESIGN TEAM : Shruti Omprakash, Barath Kumar
STATUS : Concept design

YEAR : 2015

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