About Us

At ArchitectureLive! we firmly believe that,

ALive BannerThe Portal started with the following two objectives in 2011:

A. To make architectural information easily available to everyone who seeks it. Be it architects, architecture students, teachers or users of the space. We make every attempt to make every project searchable on internet thus connecting architects, architecture with the end users.

B. To provide an equal opportunity to all, to publish, share and discuss their projects. ArchitectureLive! is open to everyone who wishes to share projects, stories, news, jobs or other information related to Architecture and Design.


The Portal was founded by Rajesh Advani, with a lot of help coming from Dwaipayan Chakravarty and Himnashu Burte. Since then number of people have helped directly and indirectly in making this portal reach the stage where it is today.

Current team

Anupriya Saraswat: Content Writer and Editor
Sunil Sharma: Web Developer (WordPress)
Dharmesh: Technical Help
Sneha Mathur: Communications and Projects Co-ordinator
Pulkit Soni: Resident Writer