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ACEDGE Presents: ‘Chaukhat, Darwaza, Jharokha- Public Life of in-between Elements in Historic Architecture’, by Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee

ACEDGE brings to you an 8-week course by Dr Anuradha Chatterjee titled ‘Chaukhat, Darwaza, Jharokha- Public Life of in-between Elements in Historic Architecture’ This ACEDGE Studio guides learners to explore histories and theories locked within the fabric of historic buildings in a focused manner, and move away from an exclusively text and classroom based education in architectural history. Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee tells you more on what to expect in the course here. Enrol to the course if you are:
  • A young graduate aspiring to pursue higher studies in the fields of architectural research or are a PhD aspirant.
  • A committed teacher looking to incorporate field methodologies in your teaching.
  • A enthused learner wanting to learn more about architectural history and theory.
Important information:
  • The course is conducted online at https://www.acedge.in/
  • Course begins: 11 November 2018 (ends on 6 Jan 2019).
  • Course fee: Rs. 1800/- including GST.
  • Live webinars will be scheduled such that it accommodates the schedules of working professionals and college-goers.
  • You will receive a digital certificate upon successful completion of the course.
More details here: https://www.acedge.in/courses/STD-AC-CDJ Join this course now!

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