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ALTER EGO: Poche’ announces its first International Design Studio

Cities are sites of different kinds of phenomena as well as different forms of human expression. There are symbolic statements and grand gestures that seek to clarify and control. There is simultaneously a need to give voice to a creative and energetic life emerging out of the messy everydayness of social patterns, economic activity, and cultural expressions. This is the alter ego of the city of symbols and icons, more inclusive, less violent and far more sympathetic to nature.

The inaugural edition of Pochè International Design Studios begins with a site stretching from the New Delhi’s Central Vista to the banks of the Yamuna. This will be the site for a city for everyone. Guided by six renowned instructors each bringing a different perspective, the design process will also be stimulated by

The Pochè Conversations: a series of 15 lectures by artist, writers, environmentalists, historians, sociologist amongst others who will share ideas of a city from their perspectives. The studio will encourage dialogue and exploration of varied perspectives, positions, and speculations.

Registrations open on www.thepoche.org

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