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7 reasons why you should participate in archcember’17 by SqrFactor

Text and images by: SqrFactor

We are sure you must have heard about Archcember ’17, it is a fun competition organized by Sqrfactor which is celebrating architecture in December. They are aiming to bring out the content that has been hiding in, scribbled behind the notebooks of the artists within the architecture community. Their weekly themes have been thought-provoking, and the illustrations have surely churned some emotions in us.


  1. Get featured in top architecture magazines and websites

Archcemeber '17
This could be your chance to become famous by getting featured in top Indian architecture magazines – IA&B (Indian Architects and Builders) and Design Detail Magazine and also, on the most visited Indian architecture website ArchitecureLive! who started a campaign about architectural internships in India.

2. Goodies worth INR 60,000 and more!

Archcemeber '17
This not only gives you your moment of fame but also, some amazing goodies from Lewardists, `1989 and SqrFactor like T-shirts, Calendars, Posters, Sketchbooks and a lot moreeee. Illustrations created by Leewardists and 1989 have been published by Archdaily multiple times – just so you know, what amazing goodies you are going to get.

3. Free event passes and Workshop waivers on Parametric Design

Archcemeber '17
3 Free event passes worth INR 6,800 per delegate to the biggest architectural event in India – the 361 degree design conference have called Ar. Daniel Libeskind and Mr. Sonam Wangchuk as their icon speakers this time.

Do you love technology? Love designing? Start a new discourse in architecture & parallel design disciplines with the use of computational design – rat[lab] education is offering 20% waiver on upcoming workshops on parametric design to winners and other participants!

4. Prizes for everyone ☺

Archcemeber '17
We want to be your secret Santa this time. The only thing is; it is not a secret anymore and we aren’t giving you anything without participation. We want everyone to win something who participates in the competition and so, we are distributing prizes to 24 day winners, 12 week winners and 5 final winners in the month of Christmas. Merry Xmas! Participate now and have statistically 37% chances of winning at least.

5. Internship Opportunity

Archcemeber '17

Why settle for a dull desk job this summer when exciting internship opportunities could be yours for the taking? Yes, you heard it right! We are looking for few crazy architects/artists who can match up with our level of craziness to work with us. Exciting enough? Wait, a few more desks are empty at India’s top architecture firm Jaisim-fountainhead, just for you.

6. Participate anytime with no participation fees!

Archcemeber '17

Unlike any other competition – you can participate in this competition anytime and still win day and week winner prizes. And it’s completely FREE to register. The whole idea of this competition is to promote good artists and amazing content produced by them within the architecture community and make them reach the wider audience.

7. 3 nights ( 1+1)stay free in Manali

Archcemeber '17

The Lost Tribe hostels approached us after seeing few of the illustrations uploaded by our participants and promoted by us on social media. So, TLT Manali organizes this awesome art fest in the mountains which is called TLT Art Fest Mountains and they invite artists (painters, musicians, film makers etc.) around the globe to paint their hostels, make art and collaborate every summer in Manali. They have offered FREE 1+1 stay to any 3 artists they choose from the competition and invitation to their next summer art fest.

How cool, right? If you’re still thinking what to do, go check out some amazing illustrations on our submission tab of competition page – it will definitely inspire you ☺ Participate now!

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