non-architectural questions

We architects have a certain amount of glamour attached to our profession. Sometimes, we are made to feel like celebrities by the members of our community. Taking this whole notion of celebrity-hood a step ahead, we have come up with a series of non-architectural interviews, with some of the leading professionals in the country and the house is open to the public.

What’s Zameer’s favourite hobby? How many times does Madhav Raman get proposed on a daily basis? What’s on Chitra’s playlist? How does Sameep like eating mangoes?

Well,  ask all you want. Get to know your favourite designers up close. We invite questions from you for a fun filled series. Oh! and the top three questions (selected at our whims and fancy) would receive a surprise gift.

Please note:

1. Indecent questions have negligible to zero chances of getting through, so don’t waste time on them.

2. Our aim is not to take pot-shots at anyone, rather break the stressed environment of architectural office/ school into some moments of laughter. Keep that in mind.

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Thank you for an overwhelming response. We received many interesting non-architectural questions, and are happy to annouce the shortlist. The final winners will be announceedin the first week of July, who will receive a copy of either Blueprint or Gandhi Bhavan.

Shortlist - Non-Architectural Questions