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B.Arch Thesis – MEMORIAL OF HUMANITY AND THE MUSEUM OF RIOTS, at Ayodhya, by Harish Nayar

B.Arch Thesis: The primary function of a memorial is to “remind” and the function of a museum is to “reflect or explain” about something.
A memorial of humanity with respect to a region is made to make the humans understand the essence of humanity.

B.Arch Thesis – Space for identity, Street Children Rehabilitation Centre, Md. Shahabuddin

B.Arch Thesis: The street children rehabilitation centre is located at Kushtia district in Khulna division. It’s located at 35-36 GK COMPOUND, THANAPARA, Kushtia 7000 near the Goari river.


On 6th October 2014, a high temperature variation near the Andaman Island helped a storm to rise, which developed into a major cyclone until 9th October and hit the coast of Andra Pradesh. Shortly before landfall near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, on October 12, Hudhud reached its peak strength with three-minute wind speeds of 175 km/h (109 mph) and a minimum central pressure of 960 mbar (28.35 in Hg) causing a damage to roughly half a million people.

B.Arch Thesis: Redefining Pragati Maidan, International Convention Cum Exhibition Centre
, by Kartik Khurana

The demolition of the Hall of Nations has created an empty pocket within Delhi’s heart and also for the people of the city. Delhi now lacks urban spaces which are people friendly and social with growing urbanization, the land is getting more saturated with fewer places to emphasize on a free and green quality of life.

B.Arch Thesis: Redevelopment of Ghazipur Mandi, Delhi – Ishita Chandra, Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

As cities grow, these wholesale markets are pushed to the periphery to ensure no interference in daily functioning. This relocation creates newly developed fragments, which are not fully equipped and planned to cater to the same.
This in turn creates a need to organise the flow and rethink the planning of the wholesale markets in a way that can accommodate the change.

B.Arch Thesis: Urban Food Hub, INA At New Delhi by Vipanchi Handa, SCHOOL OF PLANNING AND ARCHITECTURE, DELHI

Food has been the mainstay of human interaction and defines who we are and where we come from. Keeping in mind the disconnect that has developed towards our social relationship with food as a result of urbanization, the thesis aims to propose a Socio-cultural Hub centered around food.

B.Arch Thesis: JASHN-e-PUNJAB By Harkunwar Singh Kanwal, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

The idea behind this architectural intervention in the city of Amritsar is to hit the psychological nerve of the people and make them spiritually aware about the rich culture they belong to and rejuvenate the socio-cultural essence of the city and the state. This proposal is foreseen to add to the already booming tourism of the city. It showcases Indian culture, crafts and sports on a global level and exhibits culture of rural India with all its colours and vigour.

B.Arch Thesis: GREEN MOBILITY DYNAMICS- A METAMORPHOSIS IN MOBILITY at Noida by Adhiraj Miglani, Sushant School of Art & Architecture

Delhi saw the deterioration from one of the greenest city to the most polluted city in the world because of the increasing vehicular pollution. The architectural interventions serve as catalyst to the way forward. It inspires, recreates and proliferate resilience.

B.Arch Thesis: Adpative Reuse of Rajghat Power Plant at New Delhi by Aarushi Kalra

Located in the cultural hub of the city, in close proximity with all prominent infrastructure of Delhi, the urban scape is transformed into an icon for fashion and design. The proposed design is the juxtaposition of fashion’s ability to seduce and manufacture desires with the complex structuring of neutral spaces to allow for a multiplicity of users and events.

B.Arch Thesis – Centre for Art and Architecture: Role of an Urban Catalyst, New Delhi, by Mohammad Suhail

The idea of architecture as catalyst for social or economical change is not new. Architecture is like most other things, a reflection of our society always try to mirror society’s aspiration and beliefs thus has immense potential to mould or change the context both local and global. Such projects not only are practical solutions to community needs but also aims to have a broader effect on communities in which they work relying on the social and economical stewardship of architecture.

B.Arch Thesis – Memorial for the rebels of land, at Pahartali, Chittagong – Md. Hansat, Bangladesh University

The idea of lost history remains intact in our generation today. Along the separation of India, Bangladesh the Heroes of that time have also been separated which resulted on a conflict of preservation.

B.Arch Thesis – Urban Mandi – Wholesale Food Market, by Depanshu Gola

Food has had a significant impact on our built environment since the beginning of human life. As living beings we depend on food. Our entire life is shaped by this essential need but considering cities, the place in which more than 50 per cent of the global population now lives, a contradiction is becoming visible. […]

B.Arch Thesis – The Last Shadow – Redevelopment of Amardham crematorium in Nasik, by Hitesh Panjwani

Mortality is the ultimate reality of life. This program intends to re-interpret this inevitable phenomenon of death in one’s own perspective. – B.Arch Thesis, by Hitesh Panjwani, College of Architecture, Nashik.

B.Arch Thesis – JELEPOLLI: Low Cost Housing Community Development for Fishermen at Bangladesh, Nafiul Islam Farazi

The government of Bangladesh decides to give the fund to rehabilitation this oldest community of Bangladesh. In the project there accommodation of 100 families with all facilities. Mainly average fishermen are Hindu in religion but here most of the fishermen are Muslim. School, Mosque, Health center, Training center, Community club, Celebration space, Boat making & anchoring space, Bazar, Playground etc. all facility are given here by the doing local survey of this community.


B.Arch Thesis by Rajat Arora | Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur We live in a country where fifteen year-old girls are eve-teased, ten year-old girls are abducted and raped, thirty year-old women raped and murdered. We live in a country where age is no bar for sexual harassment. We live in a country that takes […]

B.Arch Thesis – Climate Park – By Sai Tejas K A, McGan’s Ooty School of Architecture, Ooty

B.Arch Thesis – Climate Park | Sai Tejas | McGain’sOoty School of Architecture Abstract Climate change is happening and it is happening fast. This time thanks to human action. We have managed to change how the earth works and that required causing damage at a very large scale. We are experiencing climate change in our […]

B.Arch Thesis – The Neighbourhood School, by Akshay Mirajkar, Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture,

B.Arch Thesis by Akshay Mirajkar | Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture. Abstract In the recent times, the field of education has witnessed numerous variations on a large scale. Due to the rising commercial aspect, schools are becoming grander in terms of garnering the image of being the best one in its field. In order to […]

B.Arch Thesis – Athenaeum – Architecture for Architecture, by Piyush Prajapati, APKTU Lucknow

“There are as many ideas as there are organisms”. The parallel strategy of surviving with the unparalleled ways of practicality highlights the distinct features of sustaining life for more than three billion years ago.

B.Arch Thesis – ARCHITECTURE OF ASSOCIATIONS: PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY – Abhinavv J Singh, L.S.Raheja School Of Architecture, Mumbai

B.Arch Thesis by Abhinavv J Singh, L.S.Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai SITE: UNION CARBIDE FACTORY, BHOPAL What makes a place memorable? Does activity, ritual, texture, materiality, design or scale make a space memorable? Is memory the difference between dwelling and a building? Do we deflect our own memories onto a place? Is our subconscious constantly […]

B.Arch Thesis – Redevelopment of Vikas Bhawan as Part of ITO: Urban Renewal TOD Project – By Arpit Jain, SPA

Abstract: The selected thesis project is situated in I.P. Estate which can be regarded as an important parcel of land in Delhi. Thus, dealing with such lands is an important area of research. It requires careful planning while developing because it would not only deal with the neighbourhood but can contribute to the city as […]

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