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Design Brief


What is the one very first thing that young-you noticed when you entered your studio? Well, of course; other than the walls and their graffiti, what would have been the first furniture that amused you? Drafting tables! With their stable presence in our studios, they have always been able to make us indulge in themselves. Remember those intense design sessions with your professors, when that inclined wooden vastness silently sustained the weight of all the enthusiastic scratches and strokes, arguments and frustrated table bangs at times? When it used to be the sweet comfort of a powernap post jury, or the lazy musings during a prolonged lecture? How everyone used to cover the tabletop with cartridge sheets and within a month, it used to become the perfect storyboard? It takes all of us through reminiscence, albeit bittersweet. And we are here to celebrate that relationship you had with your once upon a time partner. You, and your drafting table.

To give back to your loving studio what you had received all those years ago, ArchitectureLive! brings to you the inaugurating edition of the Furniture Design Competition. A multi-purpose, a.i.o. drafting table set that additively multiplies to fit into a studio space for a batch of pupils is the quest for this year’s competition. The design should be multi-functional and esthetically elegant, and the winning design will ideally tend to solve the quest for the perfect drafting furniture, once and for all.

Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions must be in the digital format.
  • Total number of four sheets to be submitted in JPEG Format.
  • Each image to be at 4000 px X 3000 px at 300 DPI.
  • Submissions would be accepted between Sept 25, 2018 and Sept 30, 2018, through a link.

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