Event: Projecting 2037 – Seminar and Exhibition by the students of SPA, Delhi


Students of School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, have put up an exhibition where they are trying to predict what would year 2037 be like for the cities, professional practice, economy, housing, industrilisation, transportation, technology and more. The exhibition is part of their Seminar, and is co-ordinated by Abhishek Bij, Anjali Mittal and Rajiv Bhakat.

projecting 2037 - SPA, New Delhi

The 2017 research seminar group at SPA has projected Indian urban futures for 2037.

The theme originated from the need to look into the future more proactively to keep up with the technology and changes and more importantly to address the need to shift from more problem solving to visions – an attitude reflected in our research and our designs.

A time frame of 20 years was selected to be far enough that the projections will not be more redundancies but close enough to avoid merely prophesying science fiction.

The realms of studies include rapidly depleting resources,  climate change, increasing urbanization, rapid advancements in emerging technologies; changing social, economic and political patterns, changes in professions, issues of sustainability and environmental concerns, life-spans and life-styles and changing policies and economic systems.

download full booklet here

The research seminar program at the School of Planning and Architecture combines the unique academic resources available to the one of the India’s premier schools of design in its capital city with the enthusiasm of research abilities of students in their final year of the undergraduate program. Groups of students select areas of interest and work for a semester with full time academics and practicing architects from a variety of disciplines. 

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