Nava Clinic at Hyderabad, An Earthy Oasis of Wellness, designed by Beyond Spaces Design Studio

Nava CLinic- Beyond Spaces Design Studio


Nava CLinic- Beyond Spaces Design StudioAn earthy material palette, inviting persona & an unconventional demeanour ground this dermatologist’s clinic venue designed by Ar. Mounika Kodali in the prime neighborhood of HITEC City, Hyderabad.

When the founder of NAVA Clinics approached Ar. Mounika, he had in mind an elevated vision for the first branch of his medical franchise – something that derailed the stereotypical notion of what a medical services venue would look like. The design journey of the clinic was a creative collaborative process between the client’s aspirations & the Architect’s penchant to work towards creating something anew. Nestled in the HITEC City district of Hyderabad, this 1800 sqft clinic was erected into existence over a 4-month period spanning February to June 2018.

The approach utilized was simple in its essence but used some interventions to give the spread of spaces a nuanced character. Various materials ranging from cement-plastered Kalai work walls to wooden ceiling rafters & cement floors came together to form a neutral stated base which was punctuated with pops of colours in sections. The different hues in controlled doses, patterns, textures & shifts in spatial volumes are what give the space a more tangible quality. “The client’s brief from the get-go was focused on creating an ambience that was calming to the senses, functioned efficiently & redefined the design norms in a clinic’s design.”, shares the Architect.
The clinic was laid out in an axial layout, with a doubly-loaded central circulation corridor. Wooden ceiling rafters & spine lighting give the corridor a more defined character. The element curated for this area was a custom partition system that collated a variety of materials like cement boards, fabric panels for patients to pin testimonials on, tinted glass & wooden panels in varied sizes to create an intriguing ensemble.

This metal frame partition feature fulfills the dual functions of area segregation while keeping intact a sense of visual transparency – thus giving the space a larger sense of expanse.

In terms of its distinct functional zones, the clinic opens into a reception area which bears highlights like the raw wood and metal tall desk with a planter insert created from unused marble from the client’s previous site & a statement red upholstered bench. The recreational zone & reading nook have solid center tables created by using raw wooden log slices with metal legs and hues in the form of red & blue lounge chairs. Lighting played a pivotal role across the space as it had to be a measured balance between task, ambient & lots of mood lighting to create the desired atmosphere.

The procedure rooms & consultation rooms also carry through a similar ambience. The overall cool colour palette of greys, blues and cameos of warmer tones of reds & browns keeps the look cohesive & tied-in together. “We tried to bring in the omnipresent earthy feel into each of the separate zones as well & made sure to layer it with pragmatic function, hues as accents, neoteric art & area rugs.”, expresses Mounika.

The NAVA Clinic’s construct has been able to encapsulate the grounded essence the design is representative of. It truly poses as an example of the fact that the way spaces are designed can have a significant impact on an end-user’s mind. The clinic’s design is meant to truly strike a chord with the visitors at an experiential level.

Project Facts

Project Name – NAVA Clinics
Architect – Ar. Mounika Kodali
Design Studio – Beyond Spaces Design Studio
Text Credit – Lavanya Chopra
Photography Credit – Raisen Majhi

Diyos men’s health centre, at New Delhi- A purposeful resurrection, by Creative Designer Architects

Diyo's Health Care- New Delhi - Creative designer Architects - CDA

Diyo's Health Care- New Delhi - Creative designer Architects - CDAArchitect’ Firm: Creative Designer Architects [CDA]
Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area: 12,500 Sq. Ft.
Project location: Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
Photo credits: Suryan // dang
Lead Architects: Ravideep Singh, Maninder Kaur, Mohanbir Singh
Project Team: Ravideep Singh, Maninder Kaur, Sanju Nim, Gaurav Khanna
Text credit: Ravideep Singh
Client: Diyos Men’s Health Center Pvt Ltd. [Dr. Vineet Malhotra]

Once a derelict residential dwelling in the chic suburbs of South Delhi, This structure was conceived to be the most fitting by the architects for a one-of-a kind men fertility chain which was looking to make its debut with a flagship clinic. The building had clocked over 40 years, nearly touching the red mark of its life time, theoretically. The physical condition however, was evaluated and found to be apt for a quick turnaround. The translation of its planning from a residential dwelling to that of a clinic foresaw major structural challenges due to the walls being load bearing and absence of any RCC member in the structure. This was augmented by strengthening and retrofitting with structural steel, injection grouting etc. at multiple locations where existing walls were being knocked off and new ones were made, thus adding another 2-3 decades to the life of the building.

Diyo's Health Care- New Delhi - Creative designer Architects - CDA
Form generation

The clinic is conceived to be a harbinger of hope, optimism and joy for the visitors as well as a harmonious street furniture for the onlooker. Conceptually, the existing residential exterior is transmuted into a more simpler, sharper and a streamlined form. Its genesis draws inspiration from the conventional masculine characteristic which is more towards being rough and edgy. The exterior palette creates a harmony through play of mild grey dominated by orange-brown which is warm and robust. The edgy yet understated exterior attempts to break away from the monotony of the surrounding neighborhood.

The patient day care functions such as OPD’s, waiting areas and pharmacy is planned on the ground floor through the main entrance. The semen collection zone draws an isolated entry from the rear, keeping the anonymity donors would prefer. The first floor houses the meeting room and doctor’s lounge in the front segregated from the patient rooms along with the clinical support utilities in the rear. The top most floor is entirely clinical housing the highly sterile OT department in the front and pre-post beds etc in the rear.

The exterior modulation is also a rationale of the functions inside. Since the building is oriented facing SW, the OT’s have been designed in the front so that they can be screened completely, Significantly minimizing the heat gain from S and W. The first floor houses the meeting room and the doctor’s lounge towards the front, which have been slightly pushed inside creating a recess in the facade limiting direct southern sun and make the interior more habitable.

The warm and inviting interior is an apparent extension of the exterior conception. In order to make the clinic more welcoming and patient friendly, a small atrium with a sky-light has been carved out near the entrance lobby to exemplify the amount of daylight penetrating the interior. The smooth flowing lines, coherent both in the flooring and ceiling, complimented by a signature seating completes the reception composition well. The closely knit wooden battens in the ceiling and the back-drop and the confined color palette in beige’s and brown’s breathes warmth and care.


Seeds of Innocence, New Delhi – Studio An-V-Thot

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

Fact File:

Project Name: Seeds of Innocence
Location: New Delhi
Completion Date: March 2016 Built-up Area: 10,000 sq. ft
Text and Images: Studio An-V-Thot

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

“They say that you cannot create something out of nothing. But you can create something that matters more than anything else. Something that brings purpose to life. Something with the ability to feel emotions. Pain as well as happiness, the latter of which I will do my utmost to bring to this person.”

~ Anonymous

“Parent Every time a child is born, the world is renewed in innocence.”

~ Boyd K. Packer

To think as a pregnant woman, was the design brief from Dr. Gauri Aggarwal (Gynecologist & IVF Specialist) when she first met us with the requirements of her dream project; “Seeds of Innocence: An IVF & Surrogacy Centre”. The mood swings, anxiety and increased irritability of a pregnant woman or a childless couple could be forgotten as soon as one enters into the positive & cheerful environment of the clinic, was the main concern while designing. The Fertility Clinic which was inaugurated by Honorable Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh has been developed in collaboration with Dr. Petra De Sutter from University Hospital of Gent, Belgium keeping the ICMR regulations in check.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

Standing on one of the prime location of South Delhi, the building has been designed with the intention of leaving an impact on everybody’s mind who-so-ever crosses the road. The upper floors have stark Marsala colored lacquered panels with the reflection of moving sky all day long which creates a magnificent playfulness along with the backlit perforated box in the center clad with ACP sheet making the structure dynamic in appearance. The perforated ACP sheets have been used to create an enclosure around the lacquered box to demarcate & define the critical zones with the other areas. The Mezzanine floor has a complete glazing which divides the building into two, separating the upper floors from the Ground floor.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

The Fertility Clinic houses 5 OPD chambers, an ultrasound room, injection room, a counselling area, sample collection room, lavatories, billing section, reception & waiting on the Basement Floor. On the Ground we have 50% of the carpet area with us utilized by the pharmacy & a cafe, remaining half of the portion has been sublet to a spa-salon. With 50% of floor space with us on the Mezzanine the NICU & labor room has been planned on it. The patient rooms are on the First Floor along with the Changing Rooms, Scrub, OT & a Pre-Post Operation Room for 2 beds. The IVF Floor which is the Second Floor has Changing Rooms, Scrub, an IVF OT adjoining the IVF Lab, Andrology Lab, Technician’s Lounge, Cylinder Store, the sensuous Semen Collection Room, a doctor’s room, Waiting area & the Pre-Post Operation Room for 6 beds. The top most floor has open terrace on the rear end of the building with Yoga Room & Account’s Office in the front.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

As one enters the building the embossed floral pattern on wall & ceiling welcomes you to the building. Upon reaching the basement the first thing which attracts the person is the Reception with custom designed table supported by the vintage wrought iron partition on both the sides with the Marsala colored lacquered panel clad on the wall at the backdrop which invokes a sense of impenetrable liveliness. The Waiting at the back has a very interesting setup of couches & undulating fixed seats with geometric shaped center tables in cluster pattern. Marsala has been chosen for the reason of its resemblance to the color of blood, new life, new beginning. Contrary to the exteriors less of the bright Marsala has been used, instead the whole setup has hues & tints of neutral shades of Greys, Beiges & Off-whites with a patch of Marsala to break the mundaneness.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

After a lot of spatial explorations and trying various permutations for relationship between spaces the basement level was evolved as a series of aligned spaces to avoid the rabbit-warren type configurational arrangement of consultancy rooms on one side and administrative section on the other side. The OPD chambers have been placed all along the exterior wall of the rear portion of the block creating a huge central open space in the center. The counselling room sits in the center with a continuous passage on 3 sides to access the OPDs. It is an enclosed glass room screened partially by laser cut MDF panels placed in a rhythmic organic form providing transparency and privacy at the same time. It acts as a focal point with alternate horizontal 35 mm thick MDF board member & a gap of 2 inches till the top with varying sizes creating an undulating free flowing curves on all the sides. The ceiling of the whole area has been kept simple with checkered pattern with alternating different shades of Greys, Beiges & Off-whites. The counselling area has an informal seating where the couple can relax & chit-chat with the doctors to understand the whole procedure of IVF, surrogacy or Fertility issues. The OPD chamber has a very simple backlit laser cut MDF sheet as supports for the doctor’s table with an 8 mm thick toughened glass on top. A dedicated panel for hanging the certificates & licenses has been made on the back wall in Marsala color with coves on both the sides.

As we climb up to the ground & the mezzanine floors, the nature cheers us. The NICU on the mezzanine has big glass panels which overlooks to the dense greenery outside. The small colorful beds of the new born have wallpapers on the remaining walls & ceiling with geometric shapes, fishes & figurines printed on it.

The patient’s room has been developed keeping the bright color only on fabrics and neutral shades on fixed panels & fixtures so that one does not get bored of the whole setup. The grooves have been made on the back wall which turns on to the ceiling to give an effect of a larger space than actual. The attendant’s couch is also been changed from a typical convertible bed to a fixed low height running seating along the window wall. The corridor accessing the rooms has checkered pattern on all 3 sides & a horizontal stripe of Marsala all along.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

The Nursing Station at the end of the corridor feels divine with the light coming through the perforated MDF sheet at the back. OT can be accessed through the sterile zone with change room & scrub in the front.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

The Pre-Post Operation Room on the second floor has a bright & lively graphic design of a teeny-tiny cute baby on one of the wall which adds life to the whole space. Apart from the IVF lab & OT setup is an interesting dim lit, sensuous Semen Collection Room with a fixed, comfy leathered upholstered bed & head board which turns on to become the ceiling panel jeweled with the Moroccan hanging lights in the corner.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

The terrace area caters to the recreational needs of the patients by providing yoga rooms and other facilities along with the building services present at other part of the floor.

Studio An-V-Thot - Seeds of Innocence

An effort to balance the clinical demands of the healthcare institution and a humane architecture by evolving a concept which communicated a fresh vocabulary towards developing the image of the hospital, as a stereotypical conventional building that houses sick patients; to a space delivering an integrated arena combining healthcare with comfort, positive ambience and liveliness, which is an essential factor in making the couples feel comfortable. The building stands tall in embracing the tenets of contemporary architecture; thus successfully redefining the setup of a small scale healthcare setup with an innocence in design.

Aadhaar Hospital at Kolhapur by Architect Shirish Beri

Aadhaar Hospital, Kolhapur- Shirish Beri

Aadhaar Hospital at Kolhapur by Architect Shirish Beri 66

This hospital is a joint venture between D. M. healthcare group from Dubai and the private Aadhar nursing home from Kolhapur. Both, Dr. Azad Moopen from D. M. healthcare and Dr. Damale from Aadhar conveyed their intention of creating a highly functional, state of art 200 bed multispecialty hospital with a possibility for future expansion on a tight urban site. When I explained to them how the quality of architectural spaces with natural light, ventilation, plants and human interaction could become catalysts in the healing process, they gave me a free hand at designing as long as the functionality and economy was not compromised.

This resulted in a compact rectilinear built form with all major functions organized around a bright, triple height, landscaped atrium space. From outside too, the building steps back, thereby creating landscaped terraces in front. Having designed a number of hospitals earlier, my team and myself were aware of the importance of the appropriate planning of the multifarious services in the efficient working of the hospital. The complex demands of the different functions had to be understood and satisfied in the overall context of the whole hospital. The network of medical gasses, computer data lines, CCTV, telephone lines, HVAC pipes and ducts, electrical cables, fire fighting system, water (of different levels of purity) and drainage lines, the movement of dry and wet garbage, sterile and non sterile materials, raw materials, cooked food, blood / urine samples and their test reports, dirty and clean linen, circulation of staff, doctors, patients, visitors and so on had to be planned simultaneously so that they did not clash with each other. The clarity in this network of services and circulation would contribute tremendously to the desired hassle free working of this hospital.Aadhaar Hospital at Kolhapur by Architect Shirish Beri 68

Aadhaar Hospital at Kolhapur by Architect Shirish Beri 70

The initial major issues during the construction of this building was the poor black cotton soil upto 6m depth. Later, the day to day coordination required between the thirty eight agencies working at the site was very important as each one was in some way dependent upon the other. While putting all these measurables in place, it was important not to overlook the quality of the general ambience to bring about that immeasurable sense of joy, faith and well being. Thus the well ventilated, sky lit arrival atrium with plants, reception counters, waiting and circulation lobbies. A special meditation hall has also been provided in this lobby to bring about psychological comfort. The broad overall floor wise functionality has parking and other service functions in the basement. The ground floor has the arrival lobby, O.P.D, caf, diagnostic and casualty department. The remaining O.P.D, dialysis, central kitchen, dining, central sterilization, doctor’s lounge and some beds are on first floor. The second floor has the operation theatre complex, cath lab and a large I.C.U. The remaining beds in the form of general wards, special rooms and suites are located on the third, fourth and fifth floors. This functional organization seems to work pretty well for various reasons. The building fade responds to the sun and rain with shading protective screens. This fade treatment also helps in concealing the multiple service pipes.


The shadows of these screens made of the powder coated M.S rectangular tubes makes different interesting compositions at different times of the day. Another important feature of the external fa?ade are the planters that act as parapets on all terraces. The tonal granular heritage finish ensures minimal maintenance costs. The hospital has solar hot water system and an efficient sewage treatment plant. Drip irrigation is employed to save water. The heat from the A.C heat recovery system is also used. Due to good natural light and ventilation, air conditioning has been restricted to essential areas only and artificial illumination is not needed during day time. A patient on entering the hospital commented ?I have already started feeling better?; whereas a doctor said that it was a joy to work in such a work environment. The design ensures easy reachability, connectivity and visibility that allows for better supervision and maintenance. This hospital is setting a new trend in healthcare design in midsized cities in India.