HSJ Jewellery Showroom by Ravish Mehra Deepak kalra

HSJ, a Jewellery Showroom at Lucknow by Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra

Built as an introverted vault, the solid sandstone façade makes a bold statement with an elegant surface detailing in gold steel. The entrance is marked by a delicately detailed 30 feet high glass door, allowing a glimpse inside generating curiosity. It opens into a reception area with a customised elliptical red glass elevator wrapped by the spiral staircase as an iconic centrepiece.

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Enrich Salon - Mumbai - Group DCA

Enrich Salons, at Mumbai – Space that Rejuvenates, by Group DCA

Enrich Salons at Mumbai: The continuously evolving metropolitan lifestyles where one yearns to escape from their daily chores and indulge in an outing, a visit to the Salon offers an essential relief. Salons provide the respite by serving as a place of leisure, relaxation, rejuvenation and interaction with people both known and unknown. Among the hustle and bustle of city life, salons provide a haven for body and soul.

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Manav Gangwani - DLF Emporio-Studio Lotus

Interior Design of Manav Gangwani Showroom at DLF Emporio by Studio Lotus

Manav Gangwani Showroom at DLF Emporio: Manav Gangwani’s garments symbolize glamour, the silhouettes dramatic yet timeless. To create a shell for the garments our design response was to create a contemporary abstraction of a timeless form. Our inspiration was the grottos- an intimate cave like space, which forms the foundation of many classical structures.

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