Kabali – by Harimohan Pillai


A sketchy tribute to Super Star Rajnikanth – Kabali, by one of our community members – Harimohan Pillai.

Watch the video below:

Harimohan Pillai is a practicing architect, an educator and an activist. He runs his blog and a personal website: archiestudio.in, from where he shares his architectural experiences, tips and tricks for clients, educators and students. As a full time educator, he has been associated with various architecture institutes and continues to conduct workshops and talks to benefit both, education and the profession. One of his works is published HERE.

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1 Comment
  1. jaisimfountainheadblog says

    Hari Mohan Pillai, my great architect friend . This KABALI is not worth your time . This hype is for the masses mindless.
    Leave actors alone their role is different

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