Sachin Agshikar

Learning to See, with Architect Sachin Agshikar


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Blame it on our fast-paced and rapidly changing lives, and the chaos we face at every step, that we forget to see around and miss out on the beauty that surrounds us. Sachin Agshikar, an architect based in Mumbai, through these four videos shot on his mobile phone, talks about the importance of learning to see and appreciate the beauty in simple things.

Following text is by architect Sachin Agshikar.

Sachin AgshikarObservation is one of an essential quality an Architect should have to design a building or any other work of art.
Some of the best self-taught Architects like Le Corbusier and Tadao Ando travelled for more than a year before they started their practice. It was mainly to see, observe and grasp what was built in the past. As children, we are more observant and naturally curious, as we see and explore new things around. But, slowly as our mind gets more occupied with routine issues, our observation gets diluted, and gradually we fail to see the beauty surrounding us.
These four short videos shot on a cell phone try to bring back your attention to small details and look at things around you in a different perspective.


1. Learning to See

This was looking through my daughter’s eyes and noticing things which we take for granted and are completely oblivious. 


2. Learning to See, Part 2

We generally use the command Zoom in Autocad to look at the drawings closely. But it’s a different world when you zoom in real and look at objects in your office itself. This video has a prop – which is a small Lego man,  intentionally added in all the scenes. He is used mainly to enhance the scale of the objects seen in the film as subconsciously our brain tends to compare things with human scale.


3. Learning to See, Part 3

My house faces East and for a brief amount of time, we receive natural light in the morning. The first rays of the Sun start casting amazing shadows which slowly increase in size and then disappear.This phenomenon happens every day but we ignore it completely as we are busy getting ready for work. It was fun stopping this time and looking around to see the magic. 


4. Learning to See (and Read)

Fonts play an important part in our day to day life starting with the newspaper. A layman notices fonts- but subconsciously. Once again, this video was shot in the studio when I realised that we are surrounded by fonts and alphabets- no matter in which direction we look. It was then important to look at them closely and consciously.


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