Mathru: School for the Blind at Bangalore by Biome Environmental Solutions

Mathru School at Bangalore by Chitra Vishwanath

School for Blind was an exciting project . We designed project to be darker than what would lighting be for a space for visually able. Openings in certain parts of the building were so designed that through the movement of air would one feel the direction. This was a pro-bono work for our office .We had to also interact with the local residents to allow for the construction to happen . We sourced windows free of cost by requesting the owner of a home we were designing to donate the old windows of her demolished former residence. This way it was not a simple architectural project. Brick Jalis were used in other areas. In 2011 few more play and learn additions were done by Biome in association with KILIKILI ( to further make the spaces intense. The play and learn designs were designed and executed by our artist colleague Sanjay Singh along with interns of Biome.

Project Facts

Category: Institutional
Year of completion: 2006
Client / Owner : Mathru School
Project status: Completed
Materials Used: Mud Brick, Compressed Earth Blocks
Climate: Temperate
Team Members : Anne Ruperchet, Chitra Vishwanath
Consultants :
Civil Contractor: Somashekaran

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