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Making of a Place, by Abin Design Studio

An exhibition narrating a serendipitous sequence of events that comprise placemaking in small-town India; an ongoing story of how a tiny spark introduced an...

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The House of Sweeping Shadows, Bansberia, West Bengal – Abin Design Studio

This project comprised a design intervention for a part of the client's existing property. While in one half of the land stood the client's...

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Nazrul Tirtha, at Kolkata, by Abin Design Studio – Abin Chaudhuri

This Museum and Academic Research Centre pays tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam, the great revolutionary poet of Bengal. We have made an attempt to...

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International Management Institute at Kolkata by Abin Design Studio – Abin Chaudhuri

Kolkata is an ancient city in eastern part of India. Post Independence, this city has not grown like others in India, and has not...

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The Newton School at Kolkata, by Abin Design Studio

This school facade project came to us at a stage when the construction of the two academic blocks was already underway. The blocks were...

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