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Artefact house at NOIDA by Amit Khanna Design Associates

The brief for a client, also an architect was to create a weekend pavilion on a piece of land purchased primarily as an investment....

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Infres Methodex Office, NCR by Amit Khanna Design Associates

Contemporary workplace design is currently challenged by the twin revolutions of connecting geographically diverse teams and supporting talent by converging office real estate with...

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Villa Ravine – Shimla – by Amit Khanna Design Associates

The picturesque village of Baldeyan is near the erstwhile British summer capital of Shimla. Famous for its subtropical highland climate, the area is a...

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BRUTAL SHOCK – Amit Khanna, Design Principal – AKDA, New Delhi

Photographs: Amit Khanna A visit to the unsympathetically, but aptly named Barbican Estate means coming face to face with the Brutal. And I don’t mean...

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