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Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta

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The Art and Craft of Writing in Architecture, Apurva Bose Dutta

Guiding inquisitive, interested, and passionate minds The association of writing and architecture remains unexplored to its full potential. This is attributed to the relatively less...

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The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is gearing up to elect its new president. London-based Sumita Singha, an award-winning architect and academic, also...

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To turn alternative career paths into serious career options has never been a cakewalk. The ambiguity of striding into a new field, hesitation of...

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Reconceptualising Library Architecture in Finland – Apurva Bose Dutta

Text and Images: ©Apurva Bose Dutta Globally, the concept of designing libraries has been witnessing a revolution. In the following piece, Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta,...

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Book Announcement: Architectural Voices of India by Apurva Bose Dutta

Calling them the "missionaries of Indian architecture", Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta– in her first book as an author, Architectural Voices of India: A Blend of...

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Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta

Author|Architectural Journalist

Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta ( is an author, award-winning architectural journalist, curator, and editor, based in Bangalore, India. Her professional journey of fifteen years has seen global collaborations with multimedia publication houses, firms, organisations, and educational institutions affiliated with architecture, design, and building in India,  the UK, the US, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, Karachi, and Canada. She is well-travelled and explores her academic background of architecture and writing in diverse roles— that of professional speaking, conducting and curating architecture and design content and discourses for the print and digital media, holding training workshops, and consulting for academic and professional industry initiatives.

Through her various initiatives, Apurva has been persistently working towards increasing the visibility of architectural writing in India. She is credited with the conceptualisation of the first magazine issue solely dedicated to architectural journalism in India in 2013. More recently, she has been the curator for a national level essay writing competition for architectural students in India. She is also involved in conceptualising, curating, mentoring and conducting an online certified course on architectural writing.

Apurva has been invited by the Australian and Finland Governments to represent the Indian delegation in International Media Visits of Architectural Writers in Melbourne (2016) and Helsinki (2018) respectively.  Her book, ARCHITECTURAL VOICES OF INDIA: A Blend of Contemporary and Traditional Ethos (2017), a discourse on architecture-design by 19 of India’s acclaimed architects has received acclaim and wide coverage in the media.


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