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DAK – The Other Side Studio – an artist retreat in Mumbai, by Architecture Brio

Many coastal areas around the world are facing an immense dilemma. How do you deal with densification and increase in population in these areas...

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Magic Bus Learning Pavilion at Mumbai, by Architecture Brio

Partly a building, partly a challenge course, the Laureus Foundation sponsored Learning Pavilion is an interactive building used as a gathering space and play...

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Unbuilt: Biodiversity Training Institute, at Sikkim, by Architecture Brio

Introduction The biodiversity hotspot of the North Indian state of Sikkim is under serious threat. Sikkim is an Indian state in the Himalaya’s in between Nepal,...

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Unbuilt Project: Sikkim Butterfly Reserve, by Architecture Brio

ARCHITECTURE AND BUTTERFLIES Butterflies are highly sensitive to weather and climate, this makes them excellent indicators of climate change. It is this sensitivity which we need...

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Wellside Camac Residence, Kolkata – Architecture Brio

Once home of sprawling bungalows for Kolkata's nouveau riche, the area between Park Street and the esplanade has a diverse mix of seventies office...

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