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Sandeep Khosla is all about living in the moment and hates looking back and regretting the past!

The idea of the non-architectural questions was a spontaneous one but eventually became a definite way to bring people closer to understanding the other...

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‘Long live the Bat!’ – Madhav Raman’s reply to one of the non-architectural questions.

With the non-architectural questions to architects pouring in from people, in all  curiosity and kinds, we went forth with selecting and sending a few...

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Courage to be oneself – one quality in a person that would grab the attention of Anupama Kundoo in no time.

While we were quite thrilled by the idea of asking non-architectural questions to some of the leading Indian architects, we were not sure about...

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‘A little heartbreak happens everyday.’ – Shimul Javeri Kadri replies to non-architectural questions

We thought it would take a minimum of seven days for architects to respond to the questions. But, Shimul Javeri Kadri's replies came almost...

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Book: Anant Raje Architect – Selected Works 1971-2009, Introduction by Gautam Bhatia

  Book Jacket - Anant Raje Buy the book from : AMAZON INDIA  or Anant Raje Foundation Introduction In order to live we ‘have to...

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