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Off The Cuff: Have We Lost Our Vista? – Interim Thoughts On A Work In Progress – Rahoul B. Singh

(Interim thoughts on a work in progress) Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on email Introduction (2,240 words, 9 minute read) As a nation we...

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Riyas Komu presents ‘Systematic Citizen’ showcasing the plight of migrants in India

Riyas Komu, a critically acclaimed multi-media artist and sculptors present its new art series titled Systematic Citizen. The series represents the plight of the...

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Indian creatives launch “Karuna Stories”, an illustrated competition of stories, reflections and inspirations for navigating a changing world

On 1st June 2020, the Olive Ridley Collective is launching a storytelling initiative, Karuna Stories: Power of Gentleness and Grace, to spread the message...

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COVID 19 Pandemic: Kaarwan’s National Design Competition 2020

We are living in uncertain times and as citizens of a developing economy, we are posed with an additional challenge of using our resources...

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Post Pandemic Performances, A Design Competition for Everyone, by Project Platypus

Humankind has witnessed several historic, life-changing episodes such as industrialisation, colonisation and wars, and society has always adapted to such significant milestones fruitfully. Over...

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