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Online petition to save Kala Academy, Goa, from demolition, by Charles Correa Foundation

Charles Correa Foundation has initiated an online petition to gather the signatures of people who are against the Goa government's plan to demolish a...

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“All attempts at education must shift from teaching curriculum to teaching how to learn and synthesise knowledge” – Sudipto Ghosh replies to Shirish Beri open letter

Sudipto Ghosh replies to Shirish Beri's open letter to students and teachers, where he asked whether architecture of goodness can be taught, and several...

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Reviving a Lost Heritage – Student Competition by The Drawing Board, Rohan Builders

Reviving a lost Heritage // The Drawing Board by Rohan Builders This year’s design challenge aims to create a dialogue between the surrounding urban communities,...

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B.Arch Thesis: Museum of Knowledge, Chandigarh, by Nikhil Pawar

ABSTRACT: This thesis began as establishing an iconic museum in the midst of the Capitol Complex, Chandigarh. However, the process that followed led to a...

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Update: High Court of Bombay (Goa) intervenes suo motu in the matter of Kala Academy

We had posted the news about Goa government planning to demolish open-air auditorium part of Kala Academy. In a recent update, High Court of Bombay...

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