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Benny Kuriakose

Neelankarai house at Chennai by Benny Kuriakose

Neelankarai house, has been designed in a contemporary style using traditional elements. The veranda is a threshold space preceding the facade of the house, transitioning the house from the indoor environment to the outdoor environment.

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Kovilpatti guest house at Kovilpatti by Benny Kuriakose

This company guest house is simple, yet, functional. The old building has been renovated and a new kitchen and dining has been added. The elevation is treated with the historical character, with the sloped tile roof, timber columns, and arched openings in the verandas and the simple jaali work in the parapet.

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Casa Rojo at Chennai by Benny Kuriakose

The essence of the building was to be a space which would exemplify the feeling of well-being and tranquility. It was to be a place where one could work, play or socialize without disturbing the harmony of the different elements encompassed within the space. The plan of the house incorporated the existing orchard.

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Sivaram house at Thiruvananthapuram by Benny Kuriakose

A simple white house with large timber windows, sloping tiled roof, set to stand out from the picturesque hilly backdrop, yet made to fit into the frame of the image. The little garden, in front of the house, adjoining the porch, with the free standing timber logs, placed randomly over the lawn, creates a lovely air of welcome.

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Venkatesan House at Chennai by Benny Kuriakose

This residence is built out of natural granite, brick lined arches as lintels and a simple sloping tiled roof. The rubble masonry gives the house a rigid feel, which is contrasted by the way the house blends with the surrounding nature, with trees and plants , that are the local species of the area, thus creating a perfect rugged balance

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