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    Democratising Architecture: Part I: Why are architects afraid to take up socio-political space? – Bhawna Jaimini

    Bhawna Jaimini in her fortnightly column titled 'Democratising Architecture' will discuss socio-economic sphere of architecture, how we architects talk about architecture and removing the...

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    The Shallow Masonry Domes – Alternative Traditions in Roofing Systems, by Hunnarshala Foundation

      Shallow dome without the formwork History The construction of masonry domes and vaults started together in India. However, the use of domes...

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    “Can Brick Joints heal the cracks of displacement?” – Story of Post Riots housing at Muzaffarnagar by Hunnarshala Foundation

    Authors: Sandeep Virmani & Tanvi Choudhari Hunnarshala was invited by an umbrella organisation, Joint Citizen’s Initiative (JCI) formed by Vanagana, Sadbhavna Trust, Janvikas and some...

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    Slums and the City – Bhawna Jaimini, Hunnarshala

    Owner Driven Slum Redevelopment in Bhuj - Hunnarshala Foundation Babubhai sits on a charpoy spread inside the courtyard of this newly constructed home. He directs...

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