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‘Barefoot’ Benefits!, by Raman Vig

‘Circa 2020…..CoVID-19 lockdown….a typical household: People enter their house (if at all they had to step out for any essential task); they take off...

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Building…and it’s Biology – Raman Vig

When I first came across the word 'Building Biology', it left me a bit amused and intrigued. Over past few decades, I had never...

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Human Bio-field, Immunity and Toxin overload- Raman Vig

A strong and balanced ‘Bio-field’ (also known as ‘Prana-shakti’ or ‘Chetna’ in India, ‘Chi’ in or ‘Qi’ in Oriental expression or commonly as ‘aura’)...

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Decoding Bio-energetic Architecture, with Architect and Building Biologist, Raman Vig

'Bio-energetic Architecture' maybe best described as a new term for an ancient concept; something akin to 'old wine in a new bottle'......enchanting, effective, potent...

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