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Biome Environmental Solutions

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Swastika Dance Studio at Bangalore by Biome Environmental Solutions

The  brief given to Bioem Environmental Solutions was to design a dance and music studio with an intimate platform for performing arts on a small plot...

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Mathru: School for the Blind at Bangalore by Biome Environmental Solutions

School for Blind was an exciting project . We designed project to be darker than what would lighting be for a space for visually...

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Office at #15, An architect’s studio – Biome Environmental Solutions, Bengaluru

Coming up the entry flight, one walks up to a new ground, a terrace garden The office for Biome is built...

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Hornbill House – Oland Estate, Ooty by Biome Environmental Solutions

Project Facts: Principal Architect: Chitra Vishwanath / Sharath Nayak Design Tem: Anurag Tamhankar / Structural Designer: K.S.Shashidhar Photographers: Vivek M / Ankon Mitra Cost : 4.2 million  INR Area :...

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Architectural Internship in India – Chitra Vishwanath opines

Student internship is a quintessential part of an architectural education. However, it is increasingly becoming an unmitigated ordeal for many within the community. Affecting...

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