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B. Shashi Bhooshan

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The Village: a resort hotel and spa, Mysore, by B.S.Bhooshan, BSB Architects

This place was developed over a long time (from 1991 to 1994 in two phases) on the periphery of Mysore city by the side...

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Tungal Memorial School and PU College, at Vijayapura, Karnataka, by B.S.Bhooshan, BSB Architects

Interactive architecture: The “visual aesthetics” using powerful forms and rich materials aims to use architecture as symbols of power or wealth. It takes clue from...

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The definition of architecture itself is in confusion. – Shashi Bhooshan

In this post, under the series of articles titled 'Architecture -- Disconnected?',  Dr. Shashi Bhooshan talks about the relevance of architecture today in the...

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