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    Reinventing Architecture Education: B.Arch Degree allows much more than just designing buildings – B S Keshav

    On Architecture Education: B S Keshav, Principal at McGan's Ooty School of Architecture, Tamilnadu, shares his thoughts on avenues of employment and careers after...

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    Book Review: The Kailas at Ellora by Roger Vogler

    Few days back, we announced the launch of the book: 'The Kailas at Ellora' by Roger Vogler and Peeyush Sekhsaria HERE. B. S. Keshav,...

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    Vastu…And all that crap!

    By: Ar. B.S. Keshav, graduated from Sir J.J.School of Architecture, working with Patni Computer Systems as Senior Manager (Projects), in past has worked with...

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