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The Pedestrian Skywalk at Delhi, by Chaukor Studio

Interior View of Skywalk Over-all Brief: The development of various public transport modes in the metropolitan city of Delhi like railway line, Delhi metro, bus stops...

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Sajeev Smarak – National War Memorial, New Delhi – Competition Entry by Chaukor Studio

Project Brief: War Memorials from time immemorial have been conceived as a visiting space, where people come and pay their respects for the bravery and...

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The Vault House at NOIDA, by Chaukor Studio

Program: Residential Location: sector-71, Noida Site Area: 4850 sqft. Built Up Area: 4500 sqft. Year of Commencement: 2013 Overall Brief: The vault house is planned as a holistic sustainable...

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Unbuilt Project – Science Gallery at Bangalore, by Chaukor Studio

Project Information Location: Bangalore
 Built-Up Area: 2760 sqm
 Scope: Conceptual proposal Collaboration: Incubis consultants pvt. ltd Overall brief: Science gallery is an initiative taken to create a platform...

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Minaret house at Noida, by Chaukor Studio

View from the street Minaret house is an amalgamative representation of modern technologies and traditional ideologies. The house is situated in an urban setting in...

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