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Toy Story, Play School at Bangalore, by Collage Architecture Studio

Client brief: The client approached us with a dream to build a visionary unique pre-school, Toy Story, Play School,  which would become an epitome of...

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Unbuilt: Urban Insert: Science Gallery at Bengaluru, Collage Architecture Studio

Introduction: Science Gallery Bengaluru, conceived by Collage Architecture Studio, is an exciting and prestigious public project which aims to engage the city and its citizens...

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Rohan Avriti at Bengaluru by Collage Architecture Studio

An abode of wholesome living, Rohan Avriti is an apartment complex like no other. The project strives to revive the lost concept of community...

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CUBE SQUARE – A MODERN TREE HOUSE, at Bengaluru, by Collage Architecture Studio

Prasanna House is an illustrative, where an urban context has been transformed into an intimate and tranquil living space. Trees, leaves, and nature are...

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