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    ‘Shaheed Kar diya’ – Honourably expired – A brief history of Leh by Design Dalda

    I am in Leh after 9 years, I didn’t think much of it – the 9 years I mean, but I am robustly shocked...

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    Less is More..Somewhat! – A Photo story by Design Dalda

    It’s more than a decade back, I was in Barcelona on an invitation to give a couple of talks, one to students at the...

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    ‘Don’t Pluck Flowers’ – Design Dalda brings story from Chashme Shahi Garden, Srinagar

    Chashme Shahi was completed in 1632 (making it a cool 368 years old!) on the orders of Shah Jahan...

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    Hathi Nahar – 500 years and flowing! – Story by Design Dalda

    Chiseled out by hand 500 years ago, Hathi Nahar even today carries water to Ranisar and Padamsar. Photo © Design...

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    I.M.Pei of the Mesa – Story by Design Dalda

    NCAR with the Mesa in the foreground and the Flatirons in the back (Photo - Wikipedia Commons/Public domain) Work sometimes can...

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