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“Afghani, the wind is called Afghani” Mulling over Afghanistan in 2006 from just across the militarised border in Uzbekistan by Design Dalda

At Tashkent, the Uzbekistan capital we board an amazing Soviet era YAK 40 (Yakoliv) for Termez. The plane smells of Vodka and has a public bus feel to it. No need to be careful about overhead luggage falling on to your heads, the Yak 40 has its total luggage space (both hand and check in baggage) at the back. You enter in from the tail. The pilot enters from the back after all passengers have boarded, you stand up in respect and sit down only after he has taken to his cabin. - Design Dalda

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A Correa Diptych ~ Story by Design Dalda

A Correa Diptych, story by Design Dalda

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Watching People at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Watching People at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Photostory By Design Dalda

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New York’s Highline – Sternly advised by friends, story by Design Dalda

‘Highline’ is the name given to the rail line that serviced the meat district of New York – carrying meat out. As the city grew and was sanitized the butchers were moved out and the rail line became redundant, disused and as happens, a dump, drug and crime hub, a backward pointing sore to a forward looking city. - Design Dalda

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Pataleshwar caves – Pune’s hip underground meet-up place since a cool 1300 years!

Design Dalda visits 1300 Years old Pataleshwar caves at Pune, the hip underground meetup place.

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