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    Hathi Nahar – 500 years and flowing! – Story by Design Dalda

    Chiseled out by hand 500 years ago, Hathi Nahar even today carries water to Ranisar and Padamsar. Photo © Design...

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    I.M.Pei of the Mesa – Story by Design Dalda

    NCAR with the Mesa in the foreground and the Flatirons in the back (Photo - Wikipedia Commons/Public domain) Work sometimes can...

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    Notre Dame – the oldest forest in France that’s gone, forever.

    Live videos of the Notre Dame Cathedral burning down kept the world (at least the world that we are part of) riveted, many people...

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    The Indian Step-Well arrives well … and confused in New York

      ChandBaori By PAWAN3223 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, The Vessel Photo © Design Dalda As I marveled (with mixed...

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    “Dream and Reality” the Architecture of Hassan Fathy A story by Design Dalda

    New Gourna, the name had remained ingrained deep inside me, sensual forms of mud brick domes; an architecture of the people; for the people;...

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