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A Correa Diptych ~ Story by Design Dalda

(A diptych, pronounced ‘dip-tick’ is a piece of art created in two parts. It may be a painting, drawing, photograph, carving, or any other...

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Watching People at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

  The postures as people ‘check out’ the art Watching people and photographing them, especially in a space like a museum seems like a counter intuitive...

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New York’s Highline – Sternly advised by friends, story by Design Dalda

 “If you are in New York you have to see the Highline!” a friend sternly advised me. I would have perhaps spent the whole...

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Pataleshwar caves – Pune’s hip underground meet-up place since a cool 1300 years!

  ©Mukul Hinge / Wikimedia Commons It could have been a meetup in any of the popular Pune Deccan hangouts, but knowing well the friend I...

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Amazonbooks – brick and mortar in the time of clicks!

The first Amazonbooks store opened in Seattle, also the Amazon base in November 2015! (Photo by By SounderBruce from Seattle, United States - Amazon...

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