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Rajasthan State Archives Museum, Bikaner, by Dronah

The recently completed Rajasthan State Archives Museum at Bikaner, by Dronah, is an invaluable resource for the nation. It is one of the first archives’ museums in India that sets a benchmark for other State Archives Department in the country as to how invaluable historic documents and old land records can be transferred from dust-laden stores to be conserved and showcased in a publicly engaging and state of the art designed museum.

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City Palace Museum, Udaipur, From Monument and Museum Galleries to the City.

The City Palace Museum is an exemplary living cultural heritage that has survived in an unbroken line of custodianship from medieval kingship to modern democracy.  Post-independence, In 1969 Maharana Bhagwat Singh announced the formation of Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) and donated large portions of his City Palace Udaipur, along with an endowment to the Foundation. The City Palace thus became a Museum open to the public, sustained by fees from visitors.

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Nimish Patel had a keen eye for detailing and the aim to achieve perfection. – Shikha Jain, Dronah

What I most admired about Nimish Patel as a professional was his keen eye for detailing and the aim to achieve perfection in each construction detail.

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Architectural Conservation – Revitalization of the Walled City ofJaipur, Dr. Shikha jain, DRONAH

Site Details: The 18th century historic walled city of Jaipur is one of the first planned city of India located in the desert lands of Rajasthan. The city is part of Jaipur district situated in north eastern part of Rajasthan. The old city of Jaipur was planned on a grid iron pattern supported by the …

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