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UDAJEE EARLY YEARS at NASHIK by Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio

The structure was built in 1920' as a boarding school for Maratha Vidya Prasarak, one of the oldest and largest private education institutes of...

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Ranadive Farmhouse at Nashik, by Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio

Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio, an architecture firm based in Nashik designs a farmhouse for Ranadive, around the Gangapur Dam, Nashik. It's a 10000 Sq. M....

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Architect’s Studio – Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio, Nashik

Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio, an architect's studio in Nashik, is based on traditional Indian concept found in old villages, towns and forts of having...

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Interior Design: Somewhere Restaurant, Nashik, Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio

Site constraints The restaurant is located in a structure  built by the MIDC  in the late 70.this building was then leased to niwec   .the...

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Dhananjay Shinde – Times are good for art, architecture and design..

Dhananjay Shinde looked positive about the profession and was excited about the future. We asked a couple of questions about the profession and his...

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