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The House of Dancing Bricks at New Delhi, by Hexagramm Design

On an unremarkable street in South Delhi, the client’s vision for the façade of his house was rather remarkable. Both the neighbouring houses had...

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Unbuilt Architectural Project – Flexi-Scraper, at Mumbai – by Hexagramm Design and Angshuman Das

Name of the Project: Flexi-scraper Location: Mumbai, India Designed By:  Hexagramm Design and Angshuman Das Status: Unbuilt/Conceptual It all starts with the Japanese origami magic ball; folded from a paper...

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Exploring Oritecture with Ankon Mitra

Exploring the conjunction of Origami and Architecture, Ankon Mitra’s Oritecture is an imaginative exercise in blurring the boundaries between craft and engineering. Titled with...

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