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Himanshu Burte

The Open Plan of Conviviality: Kala Akademi, Goa, designed by Charles Correa

Himanshu Burte writes about the open planning of Kala Academy designed by Charles Correa

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Preface: In and Out of the Library – Himanshu Burte on Library Spaces

More concretely, the single library can be imagined as the space a network creates. It may be imagined as a network of various dispersed book lovers and readers tied to it. That thought takes us places. What if the larger space within which a particular library sits is actually a cumulative super-network of users of other libraries, in a larger network of libraries?

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Book: Blueprint-The Works of Gautam Bhatia, Foreword by Himanshu Burte

Blueprint - The Works of Gautam Bhatia, is an artist’s testimony about his work, nothing more and nothing less. For that reason alone, it is an unusually welcome event in Indian architectural discourse.

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The Pergola – Himanshu Burte

My uncle recently moved into a new apartment in Pune. While talking about it, he mentioned what I realized was a pergola over his terrace. I was impressed, even if I did not have the image in front of me. Like most architects, I instantly warm to even the thought of pergolas. But it turned …

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Green But White – Khadke House at Pune, by Girish Doshi

Text: Himanshu Burte We expect relatively sustainable buildings to look ‘different’. Khadke house (4000 square feet,six bedrooms), designed by Girish Doshi for Pune’s composite climate with its hot-dry summers, looks like any other elegant contemporary house designed by a very skilled architect. Built for a joint family that had earlier lived in a traditional wada …

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