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The Open Plan of Conviviality: Kala Akademi, Goa, designed by Charles Correa

Every place has a program. Homes are shaped around the rhythms of movement and rest we call daily life. Playgrounds are empty so they...

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Preface: In and Out of the Library – Himanshu Burte on Library Spaces

In Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience (1977), the geographer Yi-Fu Tuan calls place a ‘concretion of value’. By that measure, a good...

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Book: Blueprint-The Works of Gautam Bhatia, Foreword by Himanshu Burte

Front Cover Back Cover Buy the book from Amazon Foreword Blueprint - The Works of Gautam Bhatia, is an artist’s testimony about his work, nothing more and nothing...

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The Pergola – Himanshu Burte

Image Source: My uncle recently moved into a new apartment in Pune. While talking about it, he mentioned what I realized was a pergola...

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Green But White – Khadke House at Pune, by Girish Doshi

Text: Himanshu Burte We expect relatively sustainable buildings to look ‘different’. Khadke house (4000 square feet,six bedrooms), designed by Girish Doshi for Pune’s composite climate...

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