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    International Design Competition – STANDARD HOUSING & RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT – MOSCOW, Horizon Design Studio

    The elementary vision of Horizon Design Studio behind the Master planning of Urban Block is to create a series of mixed use blocks /...

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    Unbuilt Project: National Museum of World Writing, at Korea, by Horizon Design Studio

    The proposed Museum of World Writing is located at Central park of Songdo International Business District known as 'ubiquitous city'. Since this city of...

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    Hooda House at New Delhi by Horizon Design Studio

    Project Brief Minimalistic design – Various elements aligned horizontally and vertically combine to create rhythm The Private residence is constructed on a...

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    Unbuilt Project: ICIMOD Annexe Building at Kathmandu, by Horizon Design Studio

    External CGI - showing the softscaping in front and the main entrance Unbuilt Project by Horizon Design Studio: The aim was to...

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    Indian National War Museum International Competition – 2016 – Horizon Design Studio

    Project Location: New Delhi, India Design Team: Horizon Design Studio – Sunil Yadav, Anil Yadav Drafting: Sanjay Kumar, Rahul Kumar Illustration: Potsangbam, Anandibala Project Status: Proposal / Idea...

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