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Parametric Pavilion at New Delhi by Ayodh Kamath, Kamath Design Studio

The objective of Kamath Design Studio was to develop a family of pavilions which can be constructed as and when the programmatic needs of the institution require more structures. Each instance of the pavilion will reflect the variations in the site conditions and usage.

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Gateway to Shri O.P.Jindal Power Plant by Revathi Kamath, Kamath Design Studio

Designed by Kamath Design Studio, the gateway forms the entrance to an industrial township and power plant. Its form creates a dialogue between local tribal geometries and industrial technology. The design development was undertaken through physical and 3D digital modeling with the geometric information of the digital model being used to create CNC pre-fabricated components that were assembled on site.

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The Mud House – (Katchi Kothi) and Anangpur, Faridabad by Kamath Design Studio

The Mud House by Kamath Design Studio at Anangpur Village, Surajkund, Haryana, is located on land that was once a quarry, mining quartzite and Badarpur stone dust. The ecology of the area had been devastated by the mining and the original scrub forest had been chopped and ravaged for fire wood.

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Laxman Sagar resort at Pali, by Kamath Design Studio

Designed by Kamath Design Studio, the Lakshmansagar Resort, located at the foot of the Aravalli range, is built around the Lakshmansagar Lake on the site of a 19th-century hunting lodge of the Thakur of Raipur.

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The Transit Flats at New Delhi, by Kamath Design Studio – Revathi Kamath – Vasant kamath

The Transit Flats designed by Revathi Kamath, Kamath Design Studio, provide one- and two-bedroom accommodation to government officers and their families awaiting the allotment of permanent housing. These flats are a part of a scheme to demonstrate low-rise high-density housing as a viable alternative to high-rise construction.

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