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SJK Architects, Mumbai

Hotel at Bodhgaya, by SJK Architects

Bodhgaya - where the Buddha received enlightenment; one of the holiest and oldest sites of pilgrimage for the Buddhist world. Our hotel – gently uses the vocabulary of brick details from the Buddhist trail - vaults to corbelled arches to stepped jambs that soften the edges of buildings and make them welcoming and timeless. Replete with courtyards and waterbodies that play with the sunlight – stained concrete vaults and keyhole windows  create dancing shadows and a lasting emotion of serenity and surrender. - SJK Architects

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Boat Club Apartments, at Chennai, India, by SJK Architects

Chennai is hot, dusty and mosquito-ridden – said Viju Mahtaney in his brief for luxury apartments in the posh Boat Club road neighborhood. A testament to urbanization in India today. Chennai has a river that is clogged with sewage that breeds mosquitoes. Traffic and construction create unending dust and pollution – and buzzing entrepreneurship needs neighborhoods like Boat Club Road to attract the talent and investment that churns the wheels of the city. - SJK Architects

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2021: Beginning anew – a joyful reimagining of our buildings as schools! – SJK Architects

As an architect who has worked on educational buildings, I cringed at these completely closed boxes, but the openness of the education taught in them won and we enrolled our son in an IB school.-SJK Architects

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