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Maison Kochi, at Cohin, Kerala, by Meister Varma Architects

Photography: Praveen Mohandas / Govind Nair Built on a tight 170 sqm plot for a family of four Maison Kochi also functions as studio and...

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Renovation: office of Identiti Advertising, at Kochin, Kerala, by Meister Varma Architects

Photography: Vishnu Raj Identiti is an advertising and branding agency run by a father-sons trio who wished to consolidate their home and office in different...

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Nandini Loft, at Cochin by Meister Varma Architects

Nandini Loft is an attic conversion of a 90 year old bungalow in Cochin. The brief required a light and airy space where the...

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