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Munishwarnath Ashish Ganju

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Ashish Ganju and A.G.K. Menon on the problem with the architecture profession

The architectural profession has approached the crossroads in its development in India, and the direction it now chooses will determine both its effectiveness in serving society, and the validity of its future existence. In this respect the profession must take the initiative in considering the relevant factors concerning its future options, rather than have them forced upon it through necessity or expediency. These factors have either been ignored or have only been considered in a haphazard and piecemeal manner for too long and, thus, they have had no perceptible impact on the profession to date. - Ashish Ganju, A.G.K. Menon

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Values, Symbols and Archetypes, Ashish Ganju in conversation with Verendra Wakhloo

Ashish Ganju talks about the influence of values, symbols, and archetypes in his work: in conversation with Verendra Wakhloo.

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Conversation: Ashish Ganju and Verendra Wakhloo

Part 1: Ashish Ganju and Verendra Wakhloo discuss the true meaning of architecture, built, and unbuilt.

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Urban Renewal by Citizens : A case study of an Urbanising Village on the Outskirts of Delhi – Aya Nagar – M.N.Ashish Ganju

The spread of unauthorised construction in our cities has assumed significant proportions. One such unauthorised colony is Aya Nagar, situated on the south-western edge of Delhi.

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Architects are very fundamental to our living, especially to urban living – M.N.Ashish Ganju

when the act of building becomes a yogic discipline which invests life in architecture.” ~ M.N.Ashish Ganju   The shiny, monolithic skyscrapers of Gurgaon cannot possibly look any more out of place than when viewed from the unique vantage point that Aya Nagar offers. “For me, it has been a big learning experience to come …

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