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Chaudhari House, at Pune, by M+P Architects Collaborative

This project has been a story of aspirations for us, for the clients, for the contractor, for the liasoning person, and for the entire...

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It’s time to do more with less ~ Meghana Kulkarni and Pooja Chaphalkar, on the Profession post Coronavirus Pandemic

Who knew it would be a virus that’ll bring the world to its knees exposing the chinks in our society’s armour in its present...

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Ranjekar House, at Khanapur, Maharashtra, by M+P Architects Collaborative

The half-acre contoured site is a quiet and breezy place with an ancient fort towering on one side and views of farms and deciduous...

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Interior Design: Shete House, at Pune, by M+P Architects Collaborative

The project was about redesigning a 3 floor high building which flanked a busy highway and was among the only 3 tall buildings in...

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Interior Design for Prodigitas at Pune, by M+P Architects

The clients approached us to design an office for their digital marketing company called Prodigitas India Pvt. Ltd. Their requirement was to have a...

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