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Architectural Case Studies – The struggles of architecture students.

Architecture is a dynamic course, learning isn’t based just on the text books it delves deeper, farther and way beyond the scope of those...

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Photoshopped Architecture – A recapitulation by Anupriya Saraswat

The dialogue that spanned a month and a half is now coming to an end – as we wrap up our discussion about portrayal...

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Reality vs Storytelling: A case of architectural representation – Pulkit Soni

Pulkit Soni weighs in on Photoshopped Architecture and talks about the role of storytelling in architecture and conceptual conveyance. Below: As a final year student,...

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Open letter to the President, Council of Architecture

Dear Sir, We know you must be feeling the tremors of the fiasco that the CoA’s logo design competition has turned out to be.  And...

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So you want to be an architect?

Kudos! Martin Filler, a prominent architectural critic had said “Architecture is not a profession for the faint-hearted, the weak-willed, or the short-lived”.  So welcome aboard...

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