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    White Balance: Studio Bipolar reimagines a 60s era warehouse into an office in New Delhi

    Photography: ©Suryan//Dang In the Okhla Industrial Area of New Delhi, Studio Bipolar has reimagined a former 60’s era pharmaceutical warehouse into a new 6000 square...

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    Esquire Office at Delhi by Studio Bipolar

    Esquire being an American men's magazine, published in the United States, is one which screams sophistication, yet it accomplishes this in a quirky and...

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    Hwealth Cafe at New Delhi, by Studio Bipolar

    Completion year: 2017 Project Area: 2200 Sq.ft Project location: New friends colony, New delhi Photographer: Suryan//Dang Lead Architects: Ujjwal Sagar, Sanjana Mathur Client: Atul Talwar Lighting consultant: White lighting...

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    Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen at Gurgaon, by Studio Lotus

    Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen at Gurgaon, by Studio Lotus Design brief: To create a space which houses a brew bar, a restaurant which functions during the...

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