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The Future of Architectural Practice in India – Sanjay Prakash

Sanjay Prakash, Principal Consultant at SHiFt, shares his views on the new skills and challenges in future that architects will need to be prepared for.

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Campus for AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana – Sanjay Prakash – SHiFt

Agilent Technologies a leading life sciences organisation ,chose to set up a corporate hub in Manesar thus housing all its various offices at a central location. Crafted for the ultimate office experience, this building imparts a distinctive character to enhance productivity while maintaining the sanctity of a quiet work environment. Integrating various standalone features with …

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India Pavilion at World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China – SHiFt – Sanjay Prakash and Associates

The Expo theme, “Better City, Better Life” is interpreted by India as “Cities of Harmony” and expressed as a future-looking pavilion grounded in the past, yet demonstrating action in the present. The place invents the future of our past, using the present for its realization. It hints at future materials: not energy consuming steel and …

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Architecture remains one of the most social-minded of our professions in the country – Sanjay Prakash

Sanjay Prakash quotes on the role and relevance of architects today in the society: Below, As an ancient profession, architecture was never really close to the general public. Works were commissioned by the rich and powerful and designed and executed by a class of professionals, which came to be defined as ‘architects’. One could have …

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