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South Zahir Paradise, Dhaka, by SHATOTTO

South Zahir Paradise by SHATOTTO, is a 14 story contemporary residential building located in Dhanmondi, Road 6A, Dhaka, Bangladesh. With a lake on the...

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Huda’s Skyline, A social Sculpture at Dhaka Bangladesh, by SHATOTTO

The project by SHATOTTO is situated at North-East facing corner plot in the posh residential area, Gulshan, Dhaka. Since the sun goes towards south...

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S A Residence, at Dhaka, Rafiq Azam, SHATOTTO

Unfolding nothingness… As Lalon (a spiritual folk singer, Sufi and philosopher) says if there is not one thing inside the body then it is not...

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A Family Graveyard – SHATOTTO

SA Family Graveyard, Botkhil, Noakhali "In appreciation of life" The graveyard is a metaphor that contains death and appreciates the earthly life. In the process of...

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