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Indian Boutique Store, at Taj Skyline, Ahmedabad | Designed By Shayona Consultant | Prashant Parmar Architect  

Nueva, an Indian Boutique Store, located in the Taj skyline in Ahmedabad, is a textile retail store of 375sq.ft.Area. Bringing together a natural palette with Indian folk art-inspired space helped create an oasis that the owner truly desired. The natural material palette comprising exposed concrete, wood, brass, lime plaster together with metalwork and mirror wall. - Shayona Consultants

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4BHK Interior Design At Aman Apartment, Ahmedabad, by Shayona Consultant

The client required a 3-bedroom home with a small theatre room and a puja room. The approach was to convert a 4bhk into 3bhk and designing the guest room as a small theatre room making the apartment look spacious and reviving. The brief was simplified with a preference for modern and clean-lined aesthetics. - Shayona Consultants

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4 BHK Apartment at, Ahmedabad, by Shayona Consultant

The client simplified his requirement with-“a calm space, using fewer colors and more simplicity with materials, with maximum possible storage, light and ventilation.” This is 4 bedroom apartment, converted into 3bhk with another room as workspace. Entering through a small vestibule one is impressed with - “The overall aesthetic of the home that is, one of openness, where spaces are multi-functional without crowding the overall layout of drawing, living and dining.” - Prashant Parmar Architect and Shayona Consultant

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The Shaded House, at Ahmedabad, by Shayona Consultant

A multitude of massive frames at various levels, spacious semi-covered green terraces at all floor levels getting animated with play of light as it permeates through the geometrically patterned MS trellis at the top of the largest frame and a unique experience of varying volumes right from the entry ... All this sum’s up very briefly the spatial experience of “The Shaded House”. - Shayona Consultant

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4 BHK Maple Tree Interior Design, at Ahmedabad, by Shayona Consultant | Prashant Parmar Architect

This is a 4 bedroom apartment with drawing, living, kitchen, dining and a beautiful balcony in the front. Client came to us with a desire to create a home with modest and timeless interior. They wanted their residence to be very simple, modern, and maintenance-free. - Shayona Consultant | Prashant Parmar Architect

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