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    “Can architecture of goodness be taught?” – Shirish Beri asks in his letter to architecture teachers and students

    Can architecture of goodness be taught? Can introspection be encouraged by creating certain pauses and silence in the overall curriculum? Architect Shirish Beri in...

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    Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species, Hyderabad, Shirish Beri

    "Shirish, I would like to show you the site for a unique project 'a laboratory for the conservation of endangered species (LaCONES). There are...

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    Gandhi Farmhouse at Nagpur, by Architect Shirish Beri

    After visiting my lake house at Andur on an invitation from my sister Vinita, her good friends, the Gandhis were very keen that I...

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    SDM Institute of Management Development, Mysore – by Shirish Beri and Associates

    "We would like our management institute to be rooted in Indian values and not be a copy of the typical western model" - spoke...

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    Aadhaar Hospital at Kolhapur by Architect Shirish Beri

    This hospital is a joint venture between D. M. healthcare group from Dubai and the private Aadhar nursing home from Kolhapur. Both, Dr. Azad...

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