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    76 South Avenue by SHROFFLEoN Architecture and Interior Studio, Mumbai

    76 South Avenue is a luxury residential building in Bandra on a plot of 5317sq.ft.having one 3 bedroom apartment of 1420sq.ft.per floor, with the...

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    Aurelia – House under a pool at Mumbai by SHROFFLEóN

    The brief given by the client was clear – a standalone two bedroom home, having a spectacular pool, using landscape as an element tying...

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    Tigi Tigi: A safe home for cats and dogs, at Dhamini by SHROFFLEóN

       Project Description: The client for the project was Tigi foundation, a non-profit organization started by Imran Khan and Aamir Khan, that stands for “Trust In...

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    BALCONY at Mumbai, by Kaizad Shroff, SHROFFLEON

    The three hundred and fifty square foot project, a moon deck overlooking the Arabian Sea, introduces into the semi open space a program previously...

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